Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fresh on Crawford...friend or foe...on the fence.

As soon as I walked in the entire place gave a synchronized 'aaaaaah' when they saw the baby, so right away, gotta love them. Really, I like people who truly understand that beauty is the key to happiness and a successful life, and obviously they see what I see, that my baby is the cutest baby on the planet, Gerber baby - shmerber baby, no one's got noth'in on my kid...back on track, walk in to restaurant, loving it so far. They have high chairs, another bonus, and at 5:30pm on a Thursday not that busy so lots of extra wait staff to entertain baby while I ate, now given, not sure if they were faced with an unattractive child if they would have been so friendly, but if you got a cute one, they will fawn all over them. Everything seemed like it was going so well, too well one might say, then it happened. I felt like I was on a date with an amazing guy who just told me he was a doctor who loved Seinfeld and sunsets on the beach, only to have him stand up and expose to the world his socks and sandals. Here's how it went down, I pulled out my frozen cubes of baby food (I mean I was at Fresh on Queen West, I wanted to fit in and look like a good conscientious mom so I brought my homemade baby food, not one of the thousand jars I have stashed in my pantry), the baby starts giggling in delight when she sees the food (just so you know for future posts, my baby has an eating disorder, she is a human garbage disposal and will eat EVERYTHING in sight), as I try to get the servers attention the baby starts to get more and more impatient, until her cute squeals turn into shrieks of terror (suddenly the servers don't think she's quite as cute anymore, how quickly they turn), I finally get the server to come over and ask if they have a microwave to warm the baby food, she looks quickly at another server, then to me, then another server, then shakes her head and says no. What the hell was that? If you didn't pick up on it from my description I am absolutely sure she was lying, they have a microwave, and for some twisted baby-hating reason they didn't want me to use it. That may seem a little harsh, but I had to deal with a hungry baby for a car-ride home so I wasn't too happy, now if I were to give them the benefit of the doubt and say they didn't have a microwave, which I guess a restaurant that is called FRESH and prides themselves on fresh ingredients, I guess, if I had to, I could concede and believe that they don't have a microwave, either way, not liking this place until the baby no longer needs baby food...there is no way to heat up the food, I guess next time I could heat it up at home...or I could just not go there again, I'm still too cranky over the experience to judge clearly...for now, ENEMY, let's see if I change my mind next time I'm craving a SUPER PROTEIN SALAD with extra GRILLED TEMPEH.

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  1. Love it -- they should have whipped up one of their famous juices if they weren't going to nuke the food you brought!