Thursday, June 4, 2009

How stocked is your 'Pantry'?

Being on maternity leave means the only boss I have to answer to is the little monster napping in the crib one room away (the length of this nap will be what determines the length of this post), meaning I don't have a regular 9 to 5 schedule, which also means when I'm tired of being home alone with the baby at 2pm I expect people to be available to hang out with me....besides my mom (okay, she was busy too, damn people having lives, she's old, she should have nothing to do!) Point is this week I had to resort to plan B, when everyone says they can't hang out because they are busy at work, just go to their work. Which is what I did to my sister, who works at PANTRY on College St....and no, she doesn't give me free stuff.

I have to admit, I LOVE it there. As soon as you walk in you feel like a 'cooler' person, it makes me want to dress my baby in hemp handmade clothes while carrying her in an overpriced ergonomically designed baby-sling as I tote fresh locally grown organic produce in my reusable shopping bag. The only negative is that there isn't enough seating, but I guess it's because the 'cool' people who go there have more important things to do with their day than loiter for hours, I imagine them taking their babies to the park to paint watercolours, or going to a poetry reading...of french in an art gallery....while everyone smokes cigarettes and wears berets...okay, went a little too far. Regardless of the little seating, I manage to make myself quite comfortable on the couch and remain there for hours on end admiring the ready made array of gourmet foods in the display case (as I secretly nibble away at the saltines I have in a Tupperware in my diaper bag...I'm on a budget, I can't afford a $5 pastry, no matter how unbelievably amazing it I swear, their butter tarts are phenomenal, better than sex, and I mean pre-baby sex when I still liked having it). 

Apparently the other bonus to this place is that they are SUPER baby-mama friendly, I haven't seen it in person, but according to my sister she is now an official boob-connoisseur, they are out and flying around constantly in this place (you do get that I mean from breast feeding mamas, I don't want all the House of Lancaster clientele to suddenly head south and bombard this quaint little shop looking for boob-action....and yes, i think that many of my loyal readers are also regulars at a strip-club).

...she's awake....

Final verdict, love the coffee, love the ambiance, of course love the should check it out.

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